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EU Career Student Ambassador

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Πρακτική άσκηση στην Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή για φοιτητές του Αριστοτελείου Πανεπιστημίου Θεσσαλονίκης

Το Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης και το Γραφείο Διασύνδεσης Σπουδών & Σταδιοδρομίας επιλέχθηκε από την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή, ανάμεσα στα καλύτερα πανεπιστήμια της Ευρώπης, να συμμετέχει στο EU Career Student Ambassador.

Στο πλαίσιο αυτό, δίνεται η δυνατότητα σε 1 φοιτητή του ΑΠΘ, να γίνει EU Careers Student Ambassador για το ακαδημαϊκό έτος 2015 – 2016, μέσω πρακτικής άσκησης.

Τι είναι ο EU Careers Student Ambassador;

Become an EU Careers Student Ambassador!

We're looking for motivated, outgoing people with enthusiasm to promote EU Careers on your university campus!

As a highly-regarded employer of top graduates, we're looking for a brand ambassador at the best universities in Europe. Part of an established and successful initiative, the EU Careers Ambassadors scheme involves finding innovative ways of promoting the great opportunities we have to offer, including through:

  • attending careers fairs, or giving presentations to your fellow students
  • developing university networks and providing information
  • maintaining an active online and social media presence
  • answering questions and queries about EU Careers

Of course, there's a lot in it for you, too.

For starters, all of our Ambassadors receive comprehensive training which will prepare them perfectly for the role. You'll be able to develop the skills you need to be a successful

Ambassador, we'll give you loads of support and ideas on getting started.

Secondly, in a super-competitive graduate job market, a position of responsibility like this could really make you stand out. As well as developing your communication and presentation skills, the international perspective you'll demonstrate will give your C.V. extra clout with future employers.

Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

Role Description

  • Acting as a point of contact for students interested in EU Careers
  • Researching target groups and contacting university media
  • Setting up mailing lists and distributing information on EU Careers through the appropriate channels
  • Giving presentations, attending university careers events and finding interesting speakers
  • Completing monthly tasks and regularly reporting back on your activities
  • Managing and regularly monitoring a dedicated Facebook page / online presence

What's in it for you?

  • A comprehensive induction and continuous coaching
  • A position of responsibility that will look great on your CV
  • Acquiring new skills highly valued by graduate employers
  • Great work experience in marketing, advertising, HR and communication
  • The possibility to network with students across Europe
  • Access to high ranking officials
  • A reference letter based on your performance

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for motivated Ambassadors who want to promote the benefits of an EU Career.

  • You should possess the following competencies
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Networking skills
  • Willingness to share and learn
  • Ability to adapt
  • Good organisational skills
  • Ability to deliver quality and results
  • Innovative and creative approach
  • Resilience
  • Minimum Requirements
  • Commit at least two hours a week to Ambassador role
  • Arrange or participate in a minimum of three EU Careers events presentations
  • Communicate on a regular basis with your EU Careers coordinator
  • Participate in all training offered
  • Keep a log of your activities and report back regularly

Outside of these minimum requirements it is really up to you to decide how much promotion you can fit in alongside your academic studies and how you promote EU Careers to your fellow students. We are looking for Ambassadors who are creative and can come up with innovative ways of promoting EU Careers!


You must be

  • Available to take part in our compulsory training course in October 2015
  • Enrolled and present at the university for the duration of the Ambassador's post (October 2015 - September 2016)
  • An EU citizen
  • Fluent in of the language of the country you are studying in
  • Able to communicate in English language (all correspondence with EPSO will be in English)

Still interested?

Simply fill in the nomination form by noon (Brussels time) of 16/04/2015.

Application form: http://europa.eu/epso/ambassadors/students/form/form_en.htm

Αναλυτικές Πληροφορίες: http://europa.eu/epso/ambassadors/students/index_en.htm


Γραφείο Διασύνδεσης Σπουδών & Σταδιοδρομίας ΑΠΘ

Τηλ.: 2310-997340

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