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Summer School in Mani Lakonias for Medical & Biosciences Research and Management


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Dear members of the executive board of HELMSIC,

On behalf of the executive board of the World Hellenic Biomedical Association I am announcing the organization of the 1st Summer School in Medical & Biosciences Research and Management, which will take place in Greece on May 20-30, 2012. Undergraduate and graduate students from universities in Greece and abroad are invited to submit applications.

The aim of this educational activity is to expose prominent graduate and undergraduate students of medical and biosciences background to knowledge given by top-notch experts from the most advanced medical and biosciences research centers, as well as from the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry.

The program is divided in two parts. The 1st part will take place in the beautiful scenery of Itilo in Mani, Peloponnese from May 20 to May 26, 2012. For this part 10 instructors and 2 plenary speakers of worldwide reputation will present the most recent breakthroughs and current trends in several topics of basic and clinical medical research. The students will then be transferred to Athens, where they will attend lectures about drug development and successful placement of a new drug in the market. Moreover, the schedule includes visits of the students to the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, the Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs of the Parliament of Greece and the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.

Hotel expenses will be covered for 24 selected students based on their academic record and performance.

The deadline for submission of applications is January 20, 2012. Detailed information and the online application form are available at www.whba1990.org

Best regards

Konstantinos Drosatos

President-elect (2012-2014)

World Hellenic Biomedical Association

Konstantinos Drosatos MSc, PhD

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