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Θα μπορούσε κανείς να απαντήσει στις ερωτήσεις?

1. Is there or not fecal dust* in hospital wards?

2. Is it or not a threat for patients, as causing HA Infection? (99.000 deaths /yr only in USA).

3. Is there a way to prevent its forming?


* “FECAL DUST: It comes from fecal residue, left AFTER wiping with t. paper (complete or, worse of course, incomplete) . Through drying and friction it turns out to dust and through air is going to all surfaces, at first stage the uro-genital organs, causing UTI, and later to all house, causing food contamination.

That phenomenon is more intense in hospitals, as the patients are usually debilitated, weak, with mobility restriction etc, particularly if there are hemorrhoids or anus hair and are unable to wipe properly. So the flying fecal dust reaches to all ward surfaces, dispersing its pathogenic microbes and so being the cause, among others, of the known fatal HA INFECTIONS.

The flying fecal dust emerges mainly from cloths of patients that can MOVE around, not the ones that are on pampers. Have in mind that in a more than 2 beds hospital wards, moisture and temperature conditions harbor microbes and also microbe density, due to constant feeding from feces residue on patients, is a one more factor that increases microbe chances in developing antibiotic resistance.

It is obvious that the known hygiene measures, as is hand washing etc, are not enough, as now a new microbe source, up to now ignored, is added.

Up to now NOT A SINGLE scientific study have ever doubted fecal dust’s existence and its role on microbe dispersion, but however no hygiene measures are imposed or advice is given by Health Institutes, particularly to women to prevent UTI, or any guiding to hospital hygiene managers to reduce HAI and the growing danger of microbe resistant to antibiotics.  Why a comparison is not made between a hospital, where all the special measures to prevent human fecal dust forming are taken and those, where no special care is taken, as the usual practice is, regarding the HA infection rates, so a safe scientific decision to be made about fecal dust’s role on causing HA infection.

 On the case this test is not done promptly, everyone is entitled to think, that there are very strong reasons that other interests, than public health protection, are guiding science research.”

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