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To: United Nations,I.C.C.,European Authorities,Embassies of Nations,International “Atomic” (NUCLEAR!!!) Energy Agency[I.”A”.E.A.],EURATOM,NEA/OECD,Others

c.c. Εισαγγελείες[Α.Π.+Εφετών+Πρωτοδικών] Αθηνών, Royal Netherlands Embassy & Canadian Embassy , in Greece


From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION(Applied +Theoretically),e.t.c.,Mikras Asias 13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki,Greece,

tel+fax:+30-2291055275 , Email: sifiskon@otenet.gr , Monday-25-November-2019

Your references are the following:

[1] The book(s) entitled “SEVERE ACCIDENTS IN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS : Proceedings of a Symposium,Sorrento 21-25 March 1998,jointly organized by I.”A”.E.A. & NEA/OECD”Two Volumes.


[3] Additional relevant communications of this author.


By consideration of the indexes of book(s) in above reference [1] and with extremely fast study of its(their) contents , we perceive and we very well understand the VERY VITAL Importance of this book(s) to the PREVENTION!!! of Nuclear Accidents and Nuclear Catastrophes...


This book(s)[1] MUST exist in multiple copies in ANY Nuclear Power Plant and in ANY Organization & person related directly or/and indirectly(including of course Universities & Research Centers) with the NUCLEAR SAFETY & SECURITY in the planet Earth ,and the price for both volumes of this book(s) in good printing must not be higher to 30 Euro ,so to be available to anyone can help in the PREVENTION of Nuclear Accidents & Nuclear Catastrophes...


The book(s) [1] of 1998 are MUCH MORE useful than the...modern books and I.”A”.E.A. publications that they teach the new generation of nuclear engineers with very impressive...colors & pictures,e.t.c. , viz “image” education ,and they cover usually only part of their title theme . It is the understanding of this author that the book(s) [1] ,as whole volume I & II , they do not have alternative publication in existence on its Theme to provide all together their VERY CRITICAL information , which can be used (of course with additional different information) for SERIOUS PREVENTION OF NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS & NUCLEAR CATASTROPHES...

Simply said , no one to be promoted in senior supervisory/management/director/ president position in Nuclear Power Plant or/and related to it Organization , if he/she do not have & studied & further thinking of this book(s) [1] …


Now considering our reference [2] make a practical test related to [2] , by checking WHO and in WHAT JOB in NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS & I.”A”.E.A. & EURATOM & NEA/OECD have the book(s)[1] and having studied it(them) & reasoning on it(them) ,and as a second very obvious test check IF ANY of General Directors of International “Atomic” Energy Agency[I.”A”.E.A.] have this book(s)[1] in his/her library and if he has...studied the book(s) and UNDERSTAND it(them) and has the book(s)[1] influenced his decision(s) and then very obviously ,for one more time,you will understand the title of [2],E.T.C.,...S.O.S...S.O.S...S.O.S...

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A Petition to the European Parliament


By Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Christian (Orthodox),Research Scientist,Mikras Asias 13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki,Greece,tel+fax:+30-2291055275,Sunday-1-December-2019


In the new European Commission of 2019-2024 a Commissioner was named for “The European way of life...”, unfortunately I did not find anywhere officially defined the term “The European way of life” , therefore I think must be defined from the history of core identity of Europe as the influences, in all part of life,intellectuality,fine arts & environment(f.e. architecture,e.t.c.) of the Greek + Roman + Christianity Civilization...


It is obvious, to any one with independent!!! thinking,that those (Jews and their “soldiers” ,understanding or not understanding that they are Jews' “soldiers”) who control the European Economy(Banks,e.t.c.) & major Mass Media Communications standardization & Secret Societies & Mind Control tools for controlling the Politicians & Population ,they try to annihilate the Core Identity of Europe and the Backbone of European Nation(s) the Nation+Family+Christianity ,in order to achieve a homogenized,hopeless & terrorized ,not intellectual thinking mass in Europe ,so the Europeans to be very easily telecontrolled by those above the Politicians , who mentioned previously(Elite Jews,e.t.c.)...


The Christianity, by its definition, is the Religion of Love , therefore by destroying the Christianity and the Family make the European population very highly mental & somatic ill and so not able to resist the Satanic(kabbalah) Dictatorship imposed to the European citizens...


If we want real good quality of life in Europe , this predominantly is promoted by promoting LOVE (Christianity+Happy Family) in Europe and very much less by the economy ,and history has proved this statement in Europe...Also in our current times many are the examples of Billionaires f.e. living in New York,U.S.A. who suffer of very serious psychiatric diseases and in contrast of poor Lovely Families that are very happy f.e. living in small villages...


In this author human and scientific understanding the theme of my petition to the European Parliament is of Very First Priority for its further objective study and in urgently implementing measures for efficiently and effectively very strong promoting the European Core Identity and its backbone the European Happy natural Family+Christianity+Nation(s) traditions & civilization(s)...and Freeing!!! Europe from its Satanic(kabbalah,talmud) Destructive Dictatorship...


S.N. This is a scientific research article , searching for the Real TRUE behind “key” events,E.T.C.

and relevant are this author relevant communications with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Greece, the Prosecution of the Supreme Criminal Court in Greece,the relevant Petitions of this author to the European Parliament(Not-registered,registered,not-approved,approved),E.T.C.

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