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  1. Statement of need: anyone's done it recently? Have been trying to reach the ministry of health all morning long, noone's picking it up. Last I remember (before I started residency), they wanted me to print out my email communication with my program and the letter of offer. Anything else? I'm just gonna show up tmrw, I guess...
  2. @WannaUSA: Heydoc didn't answer your question, coz he might as well screen-write for a soap-opera, if he starts answering to such hypotheses. @pherormone: "...shut up..." wt...? I'd suggest everyone calmed down and behaved in a truly cordial way. Also, since we are here talking primarily about our experiences, and not about random Indian ppl who're just being used as examples, it only makes sense that notbad perceived your comment as being directed to what we're saying. You should've clarified it beforehand.
  3. It's not a matter of believing sth or not. It's your word against mine, that's what it comes down to. "...it has been even stranger how professors have released LORs and have picked the phone for wanna be called researchers with zero productivity..." when did this happen? I don't know any self-respected professor who would put his own name at stake for recommending sod who's not productive and not worth it. Same goes with LORs for fellowships. They require one's PD to write the candidate a LOR Lastly, I don't think it's ever too late to train properly. cordially!
  4. Agreed. Didn't wanna comment before, but this thing doesn't make any sense at all. Not to mention, nobody can land cards or gi fellowship from home in Greece (or any other kind of medical fellowship). Besides the fact they're extremely competitive, who's gonna write you the PD LOR? All in all this doesn't make any sense at all.
  5. The fact that Demetriades didn't do his residency in the US, doesn't mean he didn't take the steps. To get licensed, one needs to take the steps. He might have done his fellowship here and then stayed to work as an attending.
  6. I don't think so...how will you be able to get licensed?
  7. clinical ones are better. Yes, it's better to contact faculty directly. These are all stuff already talked about and (especially the second point) common sense.
  8. 1. Took step1 at the end of 5th yr (started studying at the very beginning, like early October). 2. Took step2 ck at the end of 6th yr. 3. Successfully sitting my own school exams. It's doable.
  9. If you're not too interested in the type of program you get into, high step scores should be good enough for IM (having said that, though, residency training in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult, including specialties traditionally thought easy to get into, like I.M). Besides, how else will you be ever given the chance of getting called to "take a look at post-op ECGs" that turn out to be perfectly normal...???
  10. What you do not understand is that research doesn't only equal papers/publications, it also equals connections. Why create a network somewhere and then go somewhere else? This just goes to show you're not stable/trustworthy to your team and just like it's not appreciated here, I doubt it's appreciated in the UK too.
  11. Unfortunately, I don't think it's gonna offer you much in terms of better establishing yourself...I might be wrong though...U know of anyone who's done sth similar and worked out for them? The way you started presenting it, I thought you were planning on going to the UK to come here later and do some research (self-funded if needed)
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