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  1. [url="http://tvxs.gr/sites/default/files/imagecache/620x320/article/2014/17/152493-screen.jpg"]http://tvxs.gr/sites/default/files/imagecache/620x320/article/2014/17/152493-screen.jpg[/url]   Μεγάλη συναυλία αλληλεγγύης θα πραγματοποιηθεί την Τρίτη, 13 Μαϊου, στην Τεχνό`
  2. ΕΘΝΙΚΟ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΠΟΔΙΣΤΡΙΑΚΟ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ ΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΣΧΟΛΗ ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟ ΑΚΤΙΝΟΛΟΓΙΑΣ ΜΟΝΑΔΑ ΑΝΑΚΟΥΦΙΣΤΙΚΗΣ ΑΓΩΓΗΣ «ΤΖΕΝΗ ΚΑΡΕΖΗ» ΚΟΡΙΝΘΙΑΣ 27, 11526 ΑΜΠΕΛΟΚΗΠΟΙ ΤΗΛ. 2107707669 FAX : 2107776617 Η Μονάδα Ανακουφιστικής Αγωγής «Τζένη Καρέζη» της Ιατρικής Σχολής του Εθνικού και Καποδιστριακού Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών, οργανώνει στις 28 Απριλίου 2014 στις 20.00μμ μεγάλη καλλιτεχνική εκδήλωση τα έσοδα της οποίας θα διατεθούν για την ενίσχυση της λειτουργίας της. Η Μονάδα δέχεται ετησίως περισσότερους από 4.300 επισκέψεις ασθ
  3. Φτάσε όπου δεν μπορείς! - Ν.Καζαντζάκης

  4. "Follow the embers into cities of dreams What you'll be seeing is not all what it seems Dawn of the liar Future's a pyre" -Opeth

  5. lol ναι, ξε-σκι το βλέπω όμως..και εάν σκεφτείς και ότι η ανώτερη Q που θα συναντήσω θα είναι 10... χαχαχαχα τουλάχιστον θα είναι καλύτερα από τους πιγκουίνους που έχει παρέα ο Ιάσων χαχαχαχαχαχα.Eυχαριστούμε παιδιάααααααααααα, μακάρι να μας έρθουν όλα καλά!
  6. Profiterol

    Let's sing!

    "Call me Angel and take my hand Wishing you could be my man but I can't tell if its truth or lies When you got bourbon in your eyes Tell me something that I don't know then I dare you to prove it so I'd ask you to try this on for size but you've got bourbon in your eyes you're so ummmm I find myself showing up at your front door Although I can't come in I keep coming back for more and when you call me baby it feels just like a lie and every time you smile when you look into my eyes You don't have the guts to love me like you wish you could I'm gonna find someone to make me
  7. σπίτι , μόλις επέστρεψα από ταξίδι ακούω: και καλή μας ημέρα
  8. ...and when the night came the forest folded its branches around me. Something passed by, and I went into a dream... .."take me away"...

  9. I arose from the lullaby Enduring yet another tale You tempt me again With your embrace, so tainted Within the night you beckon Cursing me with every glance Bring me through Carry my empty shadow And guide me inside your warped labyrinth To the well of sin I swear I will always love you Leave me speechless Release my yearning The soil I walk is clad with light Drifting moons thrust me with their rays And I fall inside I lament this heritage Cannot bid farewell The pale face...you went as far as you could And from that moment I witnessed your beauty, fealt your death Mine i
  10. I am a scratching on the windows of your soul Call out my, call out my name
  11. κρεβατάκι η τηλεόραση παίζει "Bound" για παρέα με ακουστικά ακούω ...ξανά και ξανά
  12. Profiterol

    Let's sing!

    current 93 - the dream of a shadow of smoke "So is every man. he is born in vanity and sin. he comes into the world like Morning Mushrooms, soon thrustling up their heads into the air, and conversing with Their Kindred of the same production, and as soon as they turn to dust and Forgetfulness, Some of them without any other interest in the affairs of the world, but that They Made their parents a little glad and very sorrowful..." Ashes to ashes, dust to dust "Others ride longer in the storm, maybe until seven years of vanity be expired And Then, preadventure, the sun shines
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