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  1. Guys good afternoon! I know that i might ask something foolish but the British bureaucracy seems a little scary. I was about to post the necessary documents to the GMC tomorrow when i just realised that the address they requested the files to be received is in Manchester. I specifically wish to register on the branch of London; i cannot even imagine flying until Manchester for an ID check . Will i have the choice to negotiate something like that? Do you think that i should call them and ask for details? Thanks in advance
  2. Παιδιά έχει κανείς την πρότυπη employer's reference που σου στελνει το gmc? Προσφατα ξεκίνησα το account και τους παρακάλεσα να μου την στειλουν εδώ και κάμποσες μέρες αλλα μου το καθυστερούν και προσπαθώ να κερδίσω χρόνο.Εάν είναι η ίδια αίτηση για όλους και την έχει κάποιος διαθέσιμη θα εκτιμούσα πολύ εάν θα μπορούσε να μου στείλει κάποιο αντίγραφο. Thanks in advance
  3. Thank u wicked witch! You have been tremendously helpful! Its true that to some extent the process seems overwhelming for someone who wishes to fit in eventually. Your information might seem initially fundamental or even repetitive, but it is paramount for someone who struggles to get to know with the system . i /we appreciate that
  4. A 4 year path up until a NTN is not something that demotivates me .I have to admit that i am down to earth though , and since i appreciate the nomeclature of training in the UK i am not afraid or unwilling to be patient .The non-stop evaluation process with exams and interviews looks like a great challenge (at least for now that i am still passionate) Well during those months i gained essential experience with reagrds to how the system works;I was in a univeristy hospital where i did a rotation in cardiology;basically, i had the chance to follow ward rounds, present clinical cases to consulants and observing invasive procedures .It's not that i have an evidence for all these besides a type of "certificate" that i was given at the end of my practise.It took me some time though to understand the value of an audit , and when i started collecting data, my practise was at its end so it was left unfinished :/ Anyway thank you guys for the information supplied!!! Alexoulis i am already convinced for the neccesity of starting with an FY1 (above all it's been almost 180 pages wherein this information is replicated ;p ) Wicked witch it's true that i cannot predict how things r gonna be! Just imagine that you re talking to a humble yet determined guy who is trying to collect as many information as possible from some "mentors" to proceed with his new step. ---> Is there any particular tip for noobies like us to increae our chances for being accepted in a decent FY1? Are there things that we should focus on mentioning in an application or even during an interview?
  5. Good evening guys! I am a brand new medical graduate who's also hoping to find his fate in the UK. i started studying thoroughly the whole topic a week ago (litterally from page 1) and i have to admit that i have found some important answears to some of my concerns. Having already completed both the ALS and ATLS course, i currently am waiting for the IELTS results to hopefully proceed with the GMC registration. I want to ask a question and i hope i wont agitate neither Alexoulis nor wicked witch ( ;p) since i believe that the following topic has not been elaborated enough ; there seems to a great discussion as to whether greek graduates should continue with a postgraduate study in the UK in order to enhance their CV (basically some people say that without a sort of research noone will make it up to ST3) . Do you think that a young graduate like me could have any chances in applying directly for a decent LAT Fy1 position or even FY2 without having a Msc or anything else in his portofolio. My only previous experience with the NHS was completing a 3 month placement at a central hospital of London last summer The reason why im asking is that i want to become cardiologist (some day) and i know how competitive or even out of the question (as wicked witch might say) the specific specialty could be in the UK. Please any thoughts n comments are welcome Thank u in advance
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