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  1. Have you tried to speak directly to GMC? What have they told you? They have been generally very understanding in general with Greek bureaucratic nonsense...
  2. anyone in uk keen for a social gathering?
  3. Αν καποιος ενδιαφερεται για νευροχειρουργικη ας κοιταξει το απαρακάτω... The Department of Neurosurgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford is recruiting Junior Clinical Fellows for 2019-2020. Applicants must be interested in joining the neurosurgery team and working at the level of an ST1. Oxford runs a busy neurosurgery unit providing a comprehensive service including neuro-oncology, skull base, spine, vascular, paediatrics and functional neurosurgery. Although the JCF is not an official training role, we will train you. We will provide operative experience and an educational curriculum including anatomy and surgical skills teaching. We will also be running again our series on applying for an ST1 national training number. Last year this series helped four of our previous Senior House Officers secure their NTN. We have two JCF programmes available this year: 1. Neurosurgery (12-months) 2. Neurosurgery (4-months), spinal surgery (4-months) and trauma surgery (4-months) αν καποιος ενδιαφερεραι ας ερθει σε επαφη μαζι μου
  4. Oh then you should have be more specific! If you are already in FY1 then you will be fine. They will ask you things from your daily practice and as FY1 you know that if you are worried / unsure - you escalate...
  5. εξαρταται... Αν ειναι πολλα τα ποστς συνηθως ηταν με διαφορα stations: clinical, cv etc... Αν ειναι ενα-δυο ποστ, το πιο πιθανο να ειναι consultants from the relevant specialties σε ενα station only με ερωτησεις απο ολα αυτα. Γενικα ειναι χαλαρο το environment but i remember how stressed i was going to these interviews while working as FY1. Για ερωτησεις να περιμενεις να σε ρωτησουν για το CV sou, για research / audits που εχεις κανει κτλ. Για clinical they may ask anything - there is no restriction - but normally they ask about how would you deal an emergency or a difficult situation (a mistake you have made et5c). Να περιμενεις consultants to ask relevant to their specialities questions. So if the post has eg respiratory rotation expect questions about COPD/Asthma exacerbation. Καλή επιτυχία!!
  6. I dont know how you can advise anything - when currently there is no agreement in the horizon and everything is fluid. As a general rule - if you are thinking of UK - hurry - cause if / when Brexit happens - it going to be much more difficult / time and money confusing to come here.
  7. depends what you were doing isnt it? Preparing for board exams, preparing for moving to UK - GMC registration etc. Noone really looks at it unless it is a very big gap
  8. Noone knows and it may take few years till the dust settles... (provided that Brexit happens in the end)
  9. An elective will give you a flavour of what it is to be on the job in NHS. With all its good and bad moments. It will not boost your CV (noone really cares about them) but it may help you for your first interview - having woalked into a NHS ward before (even as an elective medical student). Maybe you get to meet some people that maybe they will help you in the future - but this is certainly not guaranteed. Things you need to do to boost your CV: presentations, publications, audits, teaching experience, managerial experience etc
  10. most these days do online revision with questions as far as i know most popular is pastest https://www.pastest.com/ but i think they are plenty out there and its worth having a look around...
  11. depends what are you looking for. Research assistants in UK as far as i know are non medics - who work for the university (no point pursuing this). Research fellow - these posts are reserved for those in PhD programmes. I think its going to be very difficult to pursuit something like this. You can apply for FY1 / SHO jobs in the specialty you want to do. This sounds more sensible.
  12. Αν και ολα αυτα ειναι χρησιμα, κανενα απο αυτα δε θα απαντησει στην ερωτηση: please fill this TTO, or Death certificate (παραδειγματα απο παλιες μου συνεντευξεις) Ολα αυτα θα τα μαθεις αν ανεβεις αμεσως και αρχισεις με FY1 η με οτιδηποτε LAS/LAT FY2 κατσει. καλυτερα να ξεκινήσεις ως καλος FY1 παρα ως μετριος FY2. Καλη σου επιτυχια
  13. This very difficult to answer. It depends on your experience, previous exposure, your dreams and expectations. If you are a qualified surgeon from Greece, then this is probably too low for you. If this is your first job in UK then most likely is a good introduction (all depending on your previous experience). Good luck with whatever you choose!
  14. Αν και πλεον ειμαι αρκετα χρονια μετα το foundation programme και μπορει να εχω χασει και την μπαλα λιγο να απαντησω: 1-3.Δε ξερω 4. standalone FY1 / FY2s (LAT or LAS) θα υπάρχουν παντα. Ειτε στο oriel (αν ειναι training) είτε στο nhs.jobs 5. UK: https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/ scotland: https://jobs.scot.nhs.uk/
  15. Γινεται. Δεν ειναι ευκολο αλλα γινεται. Ουστιασικά είσαι SHO. The core trainees most likely they will have allocated time in theatres which you may not. Really depends how well staffed the rota is. Good luck, I hope you manage to survive! Ask for an educational supervisor the minute you set your foot in the island. You need to cover a lot of gaps in how the shape the juniors in order to get numbers. We are here to help if we can Alex