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Όλες οι δημοσιεύσεις από bromptonista

  1. Awesome trucker free hat https://t.co/sDRPPEWlmU

  2. A small coffee ? @ Del'Aziz https://t.co/U7HeJOudif

  3. RT @trishgreenhalgh: Ominous trend. You can have as many "innovation accelerators" as you like but you can't run the NHS without nurses. h…

  4. European culture. Brexit is brexit @ Bellanger https://t.co/EUVThgZXTf

  5. #juneistheendofmay #brunch #cinema #neuroanatomy #facialnervepathpastthegeniculateganglion @… https://t.co/Zgh5PiNIbc

  6. RT @ToryFibs: Please may you spare 10 seconds of your time? It is crucial that you hear what Theresa May said to our police https://t.co/y9…

  7. Λίγο ήλιο, λίγο θάλασσα και η μπουγάτσα μου @ Ios, Greece https://t.co/5dMu5SyMWp

  8. Όσο η Ρεάλ καθαρίζει σαν αυγό τη Γιουβέντους εμείς πίνουμε χιπστερ μοχίτο με μαστίχα στην υγεία… https://t.co/OCc90EgKD7

  9. RT @MartinSchulz: You can withdraw from a climate agreement but not from climate change, Mr. Trump. Reality isn't just another statesman yo…

  10. Shameless product placement @ Vouliagméni, Greece https://t.co/UV2v15qIzz

  11. RT @SarahChampionMP: Really hard to watch May on #BattleForNumber10 without singing @CaptainSKA song - to be fair, her lips are moving! ht…

  12. RT @jeremycorbyn: The moment Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, was sent to attack me but ended up disagreeing with his own Foreign Secreta…

  13. A classic lies in this Hampstead bookstore - proving that a mainstream minister of finance once… https://t.co/Vg4sJgu9Sb

  14. The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed (via @Pocket) https://t.co/b0Og36Zixi

  15. It is what it is @ Waffle House https://t.co/6tvqAgE05Q

  16. Kultur und Zivilisation @ Μουσείο νεώτερης Κεραμικής https://t.co/UY8Yetl2SN

  17. RT @drbenwhite: 1. Tell NHS trusts that cutting costs is priority 2. Attack NHS trusts when something fails due to cuts

  18. The connoisseur needs no footnotes to this majestic picture- for the rest of you, look at the… https://t.co/CwChsh7Bd2

  19. Awesome chess set!!!! #simpsons @ Lord Wargrave https://t.co/MuWtS03QSI

  20. Μέχρι πού έφτασα σε αναζήτηση του χιπστερισμού! @ Artisan Coffee https://t.co/pmSXlHwjPD

  21. Καλοπερνάμε! @ London Borough of Hackney https://t.co/oU29qSmebN

  22. The table is tiled yet the place serves Virgin Mohito!? #hipstersinBirmingham @ Konya's Gold… https://t.co/tVjOjIJLyn

  23. Το κρασί παλιό, το χαβιάρι μαύρο, οι αστακοί ζωντανοί... @ The life goddess, store street https://t.co/P82USzMY70

  24. Εφημερία και ακούω όλες τις γλώσσες της Βαβέλ - πόσο ν' αντέξει κι αυτό το κουφάρι
  25. Check out my trophy for getting first place in the Workweek Hustle challenge! #Fitbit https://t.co/evcGfvw30l

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