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This junior doctor has summed up the NHS crisis in a catchy but depressing song

Nicole Morley for Metro.co.uk Saturday 3 Oct 2015 12:35 pm

Thousands of people attended a rally to protest the Tory Government’s proposed plans which are likely to reduce junior doctors’ working conditions.

The British Medical Association’s junior doctor committee have warned that the contract changes – which will change the definition of unsociable hours – will put patients’ lives at risk by stretching overworked NHS staff.

The #juniorcontracts rally was held outside Westminister earlier this week, but this one guy armed with a guitar has summed up the crisis to the tune of Jessie J’s Price Tag.

Dressed in his scrubs with a stethoscope around his neck, the unnamed doctor’s altered lyrics highlight the plight faced by the UK’s health service.

He sings: ‘We hope you all agree it’s getting serious, when doctors are so tired they’re delirious, so if you want care then stop this travesty.

‘Everybody look to the left, because you won’t get much help from the right.’

Adding: ‘You can’t save a life if you’ve been up all night.

‘It’s not about the money, money money but we don’t think it’s funny, funny, funny, jeopardising patients’ welfare.’

Namechecking the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, he goes on: ‘Jezza wants to close the door on the vulnerable and the poor, so if you want to fight back then help us save our contracts.’



The planned amendments to junior doctor contracts will redefine what is meant by sociable hours (currently 7am-7pm Monday to Friday).

The new contracts would see doctors working until 10pm and on Saturdays for standard pay, therefore reducing the amount doctors earn for working shifts which cover weekday nights and weekends.

There’s a concern that many junior doctors might have to up their hours to prevent a drop in pay.


Jeremy Hunt claimed the BMA had misrepresented the Government’s position and that it wasn’t his intention that any medics should lose out financially.

Many medical professionals have hit back with social media demonstrations such as #ImInWorkJeremy, another protest is scheduled for October 17th and industrial action is being considered.

If it goes ahead, it will be the first doctors’ strike in 40 years.

A petition has been launched to oppose the amendments to junior doctors’ contracts.


ΠΗΓΗ : http://metro.co.uk

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